Snow in London!





Ok, so some readers might not get the point of this post.. Suffice it to say we don’t get much snow here in London. And it gave me a day free which I chose to use in indulging a few little pleasures. These included a couple of pints in a local pub and the chance to take some photos of the miracle (in my back garden) and video footage (which I hope to show soon..) I also took the chance to dip into Pierre Bayard’s fascinating How to Talk About Books You Haven’t Read and re-watch Charles Vidor’s marvellous Gilda (1946), both of which left many thoughts milling around in my brain, that I hope to engage with later too.. Isn’t snow lovely!

2 responses to “Snow in London!

  1. I like snow. I got two days off work, the white miracle worked its magic well. I hope this is repeated sometime soon.

  2. I like snow, but had rather too much when fell-walking in the Lake District this January. It was waist-deep in places. Even that was novel and fun, until I got caught in a whiteout (not the kind of whiteout they were talking about on the news, where they simply meant ‘heavy snow’ or ‘brief blizzard conditions,’ but the kind of weather where you can’t see ANYTHING – a genuine whiteout). Calling mountain rescue was NOT cool. Or fun. But snow… snow rocks.

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